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What is our Ambassador program?

Have you been won over by our products? Are you a fan of locally produced goods?

Would you like to be in the loop and stay on top of all the Omaïki news?

Would you like to talk to your friends about Omaïki and become an exceptional ambassador?

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THE NETWORKER (I love meeting new people and sharing with them.)

THE PERSON OF INFLUENCE (I have a lot of fans, people who follow me. I like to give my opinion and have others pick up my ideas.) 

THE ANALYST (I love sharing informative articles, and I share my opinions based on my reading.) 

THE RALLYING POINT (My experience in product/event promotion motivates me to gather other people around my discoveries.)

THE PROUD PARENT (Everything revolves around the family, which I share on social media. They’re my passion. I like to introduce my children and share videos of them.)

THE PILLAR (I’m always ready to provide support. When I see questions on social media I hasten to answer them to the best of my knowledge. I like to help.)

THE THINKER (I’m more reserved, but I like to develop new ideas that can benefit others.)

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