Two Things You Need to Do This Holiday Season

By Julia Chiarella-Genoni aka Ask Mama Moe

The other day, my husband and I took our three boys to the shopping mall. We had planned the trip there because we wanted to get the twins something before Christmas. In a way, it was a Christmas present, because we timed it that way. We made it a bit of a surprise, because we didn’t tell them what we were going to get. Our first stop was the food court. My husband and I split up with the boys, got our meals and came back to sit down together. We talked over our dinner and watched as so many people zoomed by doing their Christmas shopping. Yes, it was a busy time of year to go to the mall, and truthfully, we never go there unless we need something, so it was a special evening.

We brought them to the home store and told them their surprise pre-Christmas gift was a duvet each for their beds. They were thrilled! We had someone help us and the boys got to feel the duvets and see which was their favourite. They looked around the store and the mall as we left, eyeing the toys and gifts in the windows but they were very happy with their new blankets. In fact, one of the twins said he slept better that very night.

Why am I telling you this? Because there are just two things I wish for you and your family to do this holiday season; count your blessings and pay it forward.

When the temperature drops and I see the thermostat moving into the large numbers of minus 0, I think of the poor souls living on the streets, or living in conditions that don’t have heat or a warm bed, let alone a duvet to help them sleep better. So many people in our own city need help and many will not receive enough to make them feel comfortable this season.

I make it a point to remind our boys how very lucky we are, especially at Christmas. When we dress up for mornings to get to school, I tell them how lucky they are to keep warm. When they go to bed, I tell them how blessed we are to have a warm home and beds with sheets and pillows.

Sure, we give them more than they need. Sure, we can even say we spoil them. But we always count our blessings and pay it forward. Christmas baskets, coats to the shelters, canned goods to the food banks, new toys for toy drives. These are things we can do because we are lucky. And as long as we have the opportunity to do so, we must.

I wish you a blessed holiday season and all the comforts you and your family can possibly have. May your days be filled with loved ones, smiles, great meals and a heightened appreciation for all that you have. And if you can, pay some of that blessing forward.

Julia xx


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