Tips and Tricks

• Baby from 0 to 6 months old: 24-30 diapers
• Baby 6 months +: 18-20 diapers

• 18-24 cloth diapers
• 1 diaper bag
• 1 storage bag
• Washable or disposable liners
• Proper detergent
• Washcloths

When using cloth diapers, it is best to avoid creams that contain zinc, petroleum jelly, beeswax, lanolin or any other fatty product that would tend to leave permanent stains on the diapers (including suppositories for babies).

There is a plethora of excellent products on the market that have proven to be cloth-safe:

• Oleo-calcareous ointment (Les Produits de Maya)
• Douce Mousse Diaper Care Cream
• Oleo-calcareous Ointment and Diaper Rash Balm (Lolo)
• Boo-Boo Cream (Souris Verte)
• Patatras Cream (Pissenlit & Coccinelle)
• Baby Balm (KIN Organics)

Whatever your choice, it is mandatory to always use a liner when applying any product on baby, in order to protect the surface of the diaper.

You already own a full set of daytime diapers (pocket diapers or all-in-one) and are now wondering if overnight diapers are really necessary? The answer is yes…

Just as we do not dress the same way depending on the season, we ask the diapers to perform a completely different task during daytime or nighttime. Where you are likely to change your baby’s diaper every 2 or 3 hours during the day, at night, your baby’s diaper needs to hold up through night feedings and sometimes up to 12 hours!

It’s not uncommon to see babies wearing their diapers at the highest setting around 10-12 months. When babies start to crawl and walk, they quickly lose their “baby fat” and naturally slim down. One must then simply narrow the cloth diapers down a few settings, during the following months, using the snaps.

The overall size and the baby’s thighs are more slender when they get active and the diaper is not well fitted, which could cause leaks.

That is entirely up to you! Some parents work very well without the liners, while others think of them as reassuring and practical.

It is important to properly prep your cloth diapers following the purchase.

(lien à entretien)


Chances are you have build-up in your diapers.


It is strongly advised not to use such products for regular diapers laundering.
They can considerably reduce the durability of the diapers and even irritate your baby’s skin.
They can be used in exceptional cases, in particular circumstances (stripping), in small quantities and only when more than a full wash in clear water, without soap, ends the laundering of the diapers.


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