The waterproof, leak resistant and durable Gustö bags are perfect to suit all your lunch box needs!

• They are thin, easy to wash and dry very quickly.
• Made of only one layer of food-grade PUL, for optimal care.
• Their zipper closure makes them very user friendly, even for tiny hands.
• A great choice for a zero-waste lunch box, a green shift that an increasing number of schools are making.
• Ideal for: food, small objects, toys, pencils, face cloths, makeup and more…!

Snack size: 6 x 5.5″
Sandwich size: 7 x 6.5″
Family Size : 8.25×7″
Extra Size : 8.5×13″
Multi Case : utensils, straws, toothbrushes

Waterproof exterior: 100% Polyurethane Laminate Fabric (PUL)
Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics.