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Douce Mousse Body Lotion

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By using gentle cleansing products, the dryness of your baby’s skin will not be emphasized.

By applying a small amount of Douce Mousse body lotion as needed after washing your child, you will help the skin regain its softness. Enjoy this moment by offering a gentle massage to your baby, it is an excellent way to communicate, and it is very beneficial for the skin. At the same time, it will bring relaxation and comfort in addition to strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Our body lotion formulation is composed of shea butter, olive oil, calendula oil and sunflower oil, which promotes the massage.

Shea butter : Contributing to the regulation and moisturization of the skin. It has a positive effect on the skin’s elasticity.

Olive oil : One of the components of olive oil is almost equivalent to human sebum, which allows the epidermis to stay hydrated and be protected from external aggressions. With its high levels of polyphenols (strong antioxidants) and vitamins, olive oil has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, nourishing and tonifying the skin. Olive oil fights effectively against cutaneous dryness.

Calendula oil : Perfect to treat skin problems such as irritations and dry skin. Calendula oil is antiseptic, healing, restorative, and anti-inflammatory.


Made in Canada

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