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Water Lentils Powder (duckweed) - Green Superfood

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Vitality | Satiety | Digestive Health

Consumed for thousands of years in Southeast Asia, Water Lentil, also known as duckweed and LENTEIN, is an aquatic plant that lives on the surface of the water. It’s considered one of the most nutrient-dense plants on earth and is among the most powerful green superfoods out there. It will raise the nutritional value of many of your favorite smoothies and recipes.

● A Plant-based protein which contains the 9 essential amino acids

● An antioxidants, and a natural source of vitamin B12, fiber, calcium, and iron

● Non-GMO, 100% natural, gluten-free and hypoallergenic

● No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours

● Suitable for vegan, vegetarian and ketogenic diets

● Sustainably grown in Florida

● 100% recyclable packaging


Integrate Water Lentil into your daily diet for the following benefits: :

● Supplies natural energy

● Induces a feeling of fullness

● Promotes digestive health

● Maintains a good immune system


Add Water Lentil powder to your smoothie, energy ball, or granola bar recipes. Its natural taste is similar to that of matcha.

A brilliant green, Water Lentil will add colour as well as raise the nutritional value of your recipes!

A 240 gram jar is equal to 20 servings.


Only one ingredient: 100% Water lentils powder (also known as duckweed and Lentein).

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