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Omaïki's one-size swim diaper that will allow you to enjoy the summer with baby!

Our diaper is accepted in swimming lessons and daycares.
It is designed to keep solids in the diaper and avoid nasty surprises in the water!

Parents love it because it fastens at the back, preventing curious little ones from constantly trying to untie it.... Oops!

Our pool diaper offers 3 height adjustments and 4 waist adjustments, allowing it to grow with your child. It averages from 8 to 35 lbs.
For babies who are fuller, taller or have good thighs, our Diaper Extenders will allow you to have your child wear the diaper even longer.


The Omaïki Swim Diaper comes with a removable inner liner. This is very practical when you put it on your baby in the changing room and want to avoid a mess before entering the water. Since the liner is thin, it will not absorb all the water in the pool. If you're just swimming at home, you can leave it out since it snaps in place. It will dry even faster!

Dries quickly
: ideal for your outings to the beach or water parks!

Remember to bring a wetbag so that when you take the diaper off, you can simply put it in the bag and carry it around without wetting the rest of your clothes.

Do I have to put a swimsuit over the diaper?

This is our most frequently asked question and the answer is NO.
In addition to being economical and ecological, the Omaiki diaper is so cute that you won't want to hide it under another piece of clothing.

Can I use a regular cloth diaper as a diaper?

No. Swim diapers offer a more fitted fit and a swim-friendly interior design. This means they are more effective when your child is in the water. Also, since they are not made to absorb, unlike regular diapers, you will avoid having to empty 5 gallons of water from your child's diaper when getting out of the pool.


Disposable pool diapers are no more efficient at absorbing pee than reusable swim diapers? Both are designed to keep only the stool in the diaper. Otherwise, the diaper would turn into a container and keep all the water in the pool.


Washer - Dryer
Remove solids and put in the toilet.
Machine wash with a mild soap, ideally a cloth diaper-friendly detergent.
Machine dry on medium heat.

Spending the afternoon by the pool?

Between 2 swims, if there is no solid, simply rinse the diaper in cold water to eliminate the chlorinated water and let air dry.

Do not use bleach.
Do not use fabric softener.
Do not wash in sanitary cycle.


Adjustable height and size to grow with your child (8-35lb).
Outer shell : 100% PUL
Light absorption : 56% bamboo viscose-24% organic cotton-20% polyester
Inner lining: 100% polyester

Made in Quebec with fabrics made here.

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