Omaïki is proud to present you our newest line of products in collaboration with Pure.
Eco-friendly products and quality ingredients, because we want the best for our babies!
Peace of mind guarantee!


Especially formulated for cloth diapers but reliable for all your laundry needs.
Highly soluble and effective in all water types.
As soluble as powder detergent.
Ideal, as it prevents build-up in diapers.
Contains minerals that soften water and make the detergent extra efficient in hard water.
Hypoallergenic formula, soft on baby’s skin.
Neutral laundry detergent.
HE machine : 15ml / load
Top-loading machine : 30ml / load
Available in 2.5L (166 loads) et refills at your bulk store.


Naturally sanitizes cloth diapers.
Naturally sanitizes toys: perfect to get rid of rotavirus and gastroenteritis bacteria in the house or daycare.
As effective as bleach without its negative aspects.
Non–irritating for the airways, no strong odours – neutral odour.
Does not damage fabrics and colors.
Formulated with peroxide, a natural ingredient that eliminates and kills bacteria and fungi.
Available in 1L and refills at your local bulk store.


To wash surfaces and toys, mix 1L of water and 5 ml of sanitizer in a spray bottle. Spray, let stand for a few minutes, wipe away and rinse with water.

Add the sanitizer to a normal wash cycle, in the bleach compartment. After sanitizing, rinse thoroughly.

HE FRONT LOADING WASHER : 15 ml/top load
REGULAR WASHER : 30 ml/load

During this COVID-19 period, we recommend 125 ml Sanitizer + 1L of water. This solution contains 0.5% active peroxid, the amount required by Health Canada to get rid of germs, bacteria, viruses such has COVID-19.


100% mineral / 100% natural
Ideal to strip cloth diapers.
Removes stubborn stains from all your family’s clothing.
Excellent whitening agent.
Ideal to remove grease stains.
Safe on fabrics.
Pre-test fabrics before soaking coloured items for several hours.
Avoid soaking different colors together.
Available in 800g and bulk.


Moisturizes the whole family.
Easily penetrates the skin.
Leaves the skin very soft without an oily residue.
Formulated for baby, good for mom….. Even dad will like it!
Fragrance free.
Ideal on sensitive skin.
Locally sourced Sunflower oil (St-Jean-Port-Joli).
Available in 250ml and bulk.

Eco-friendly products made in Canada, from our family to yours.