At last! The ultimate wet bag for all parents!
It takes up little space in your handbag or diaper bag, but can hold a whole lot of items!
It can easily contain a dozen cloth diapers at once.
A must-have for all families: ideal for daycare, a visit at granny’s and poppa’s, outings
when the child has started potty training, a day at the pool, at the park, at the beach, while traveling… Guaranteed, you will not want to go anywhere without it! Made with a zipper closure and a snap handle to hang on a doorknob, stroller or a hook.
Convenient size: 13’’x 14’’
100% PUL
Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics
Omaïki provides two sizes of large wet bags for at-home use.
Two bags big enough to hold many cloth diapers awaiting laundering.
Also suitable for twins or a family of many children who are still using diapers.
Your first option is the At-Höme pail liner for storage, ideal for a pail liner. With its elastic band, the bag pinches itself around the pail for a
snug and exact fit. Both At-Höme wet bags are equipped with a snap handle, thus allowing
them to seal properly so that you can use them wherever you need to.
If you prefer to hang your cloth diaper wet bag, the zipper At-Höme wet bag is for you! It has a large opening and a snap handle to hang on a
doorknob, a hook or a bar.
Perfect size for storage bag: 21’’x 23’’
Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics
Ideal for disinfecting surfaces, clothing and diapers.
Environmentally safe and suitable for delicate skins.
PH-neutral product.
Rinse-free solution for surfaces (cribs, changing table, countertops…)
Mix 5 Ml of Ö
Sanitizer and Disinfectant with 1L of water in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe.
Deep disinfection (yeast rash, stomach flu, Thrush
and other Candida infections…)
When a child has had a bacterial infection that contaminated the stool, add to your
laundry (using the bleach compartment). Let it soak for an hour. Follow by a complete wash in clear water.
Front-loading/HE machine : ¼ cup (65 Ml)
Top-loading machine: ½ cup (125 Ml)
Large capacity washing machine: ¾ cup (190 Ml)
Sanitation of regular wash (peeeeerfect for household linen and towels!!!)
Occasionally add to regular wash.
Pour in the bleach compartment during the hot water wash cycle.
Follow by a complete wash in clear water.
Front-loading/HE machine: 1 Tbsp. (15 Ml)
Top-loading machine: 1/8 cup (35 Ml)
Large capacity washing machine: 1/3 cup (85 Ml)
Available in two sizes: 500 Ml or 1 L
Made in Canada

Ö Laundry Soap
Powder and liquid detergent available.
HE machine compatible.

Cloth diapers liners make it easy to quickly get rid of solids.

Simply layer on top of the diaper (fits any type of diaper) before changing your baby.

These liners WILL do you a solid, without any hassle!

The use of these liners is strongly advised to protect your baby’s diaper from being damaged by creams and ointments.

The liners come in a range of different sizes and designs.

Les feuillets sont offerts en différents modèles et formats.

2 sizes: 5×10’’ or 7×12’’
Made in Canada

**Stay dry effect***
100% polyester
1 size: 5.5×11’’
Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics

Omaïki’s change mat is the product to have in your diaper bag!
Why use the Omaïki Change mat? It has a great design and cute patterns.
It’s so thin, you won’t have to give up precious space in your diaper bag, the absorbent
fabric is so soft it is perfect for baby bums and it will help you prevent diaper change
messes! I bet you will fall under its charm…
How do we use it? As a change mat at the daycare, the mall, at grand pa and grandma, around the house and as an absorbent protection for the bed, the sofa, even our hammock!
Enough with the bulky change mats, the Omaïki change mat is so thin, it takes virtually no space in your hand bag or diaper bag!
Size: 18’’x 27’’
Waterproof barrier: 100% PUL
Absorption: 56% bamboo viscose-24% organic cotton – 20% polyester
Proudly made in Canada with Canadian fabrics!