Eco-friendly” and “useful” were the two (2) product qualities that we were looking for
when we founded Omaïki. As two best friends and intuitive women entrepreneurs, we
put together a project that will give our children a better future and a world they will wish
to live in. This said, Omaïki has been established since 2007 and continues to offer “highquality”
cloth diapers, accessories, and daily and personal hygiene products for toddlers
and adults.

Whether you buy any of our cloth diapers, swim diapers, personal hygiene
products and feminine pads, our products offer a simple and convenient solution that
defines the practical world and the “logical choice” for reusable items. We are expressing
our passion for fashion and style trends by selling products that are stylish and exclusive.
Made from bamboo viscose fibers – a material known for its highly-absorbing properties – our
cloth diapers and hygiene products will facilitate your overall experience if you adopt a
modern and responsible lifestyle.

Based on the evolution of Omaïki, we learned that in order to change and/or develop
a responsible behavior, we need to understand the effects of our actions. This is
the reason why we want to keep the current model of local manufacturing (100%
local products). We are very proud that our products are conceived, designed and
made in Canada.

Omaïki products will meet all parental expectations with its number of valued
features, such as: eco-friendly (starting from the manufacturing process to its
personal use), affordable (sustainable), comfortable (soft and fashionable tissues).
Every family member will be charmed by its attractive contemporary look!


Buy local cloth diapers (made in QC): this will generate dozens
of jobs. The families of these beautiful people are very grateful and thank you for that!
Also, all our products are made in Canada, with local fabrics.
Promote a family-owned business philosophy. We are not a public company, our
entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our interests, at the heart of our families.

We are not a public company, our entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of our interests, at the heart of our families.

With over 12 years of experience, we are passionate about our work. This said, we have developed a great expertise in manufacturing of cloth diapers and hygiene products.

Our products are manufactured with only the highest quality components and we work closely with trusted collaborators. We have a strict quality management program: our products are subject to several tests before they end up on the store shelves! We trust our products and this is the reason why we offer many advantageous guarantees.

Omaïki provides a bilingual and personalized service to its clients. Because innovation is our main driver, we constantly listen to our customers and understand their needs.

Available in many stores and specialty shops, Omaïki products are easily accessible. In any of our retail outlets, we provide tools and training – it is our mission to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service, wherever they go buy.

Let’s chat about products, new items, trade fairs/shows and life!

Enjoy exclusive advantages and discounts!

Join our amazing team
(we are work together like a big family)!