The 3.Ö is a hybrid diaper that can be used three ways: as an all-in-one, an all-in-two or a pocket diaper.


Attach the Ö.Mega Booster using the snaps in the pocket. *Sold separately.


Place the One-Size Insert, included with the diaper, over the stay-dry polyester layer. You can buy more inserts than diapers and change the inserts when they are soiled and reuse the pocket. It’s an economical way to have a set of quality diapers.


Place the One-Size Insert inside the pocket, taking advantage of the stay-dry fabric that protects the baby’s bottom from moisture. The whole diaper needs to be changed with each diaper change when used this way…

• Perfect fit and flawless cut.
• The design offers integrated gussets and allows you to increase or reduce absorbency, depending on the age of your child, without affecting comfort or drying time. 
• For heavy wetters, you can combine the One-Size Insert with an Ö.Mega Booster.

One-Size diaper : 8-35 lb
Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics

ONE SIZE: from birth to potty training

RESISTANT FASTENERS: choice of snaps or Aplix (hook and loop)

ADJUSTABLE: several adjustments available including the overlap on the front tabs

EFFECTIVE: thanks to its design and absorption capacity

VERSATILE: easily transforms into the diaper of your choice

COMFORTABLE: choice between direct contact with natural fibre or stay-dry fabric

PRACTICAL: pocket design ensures the absorbent insert comes out by itself in the wash


Waterproof shell : 100 % PUL, Stay-dry lining : 100% polyester, One-Size Insert : 70% bamboo viscose / 30% organic cotton

*The Omaïki All-in-One and 3.Ö Hybrid diapers were created and designed for daytime use. Although they can be effective for some babies at night, we strongly recommend you use a diaper designed for nighttime: the Ö Sleep (Fitted Diaper) and Cover.

**The one-size diapers are designed to be used generally from birth to potty training for children from 8 to 35 lb. The weight limits are only a guideline and may vary depending on the physique of the child.